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Time Management

dreamstime_xs_26782014HandheldGet control of your day, and your life. Learn the difference between urgent and important,
and that clear objectives lead to clear priorities. Are you effective or efficient?

Module Aim
The aim of this module is to help participants gain a better understanding of their own,
and their staff’s management of time.

Module Objective
On completion of this Training Module trainees will be able to: -

  • Identify how they actually use their time on a day to day basis
  • Have the skills to access their own management of time
  • Cut out time wasting in their work environment
  • Deal better with procrastination
  • Control their own use of the phone and email
  • Be more organised on a day to day basis
  • More effective and efficient

Subject areas covered include:
· How to fit too much work into too little time in the day
· Prioritising - understanding the difference between important and urgent
· Clarifying your objectives in life and at work
· Ways to reduce the effects of interruptions
· How to say, "No" politely but assertively
· More effective meetings
· Telephone and e-mail control
· Beating procrastination
· Personal organisation and planning
· Stress - the symptoms, the link with time management, and what you can do to reduce it
· Delegation as a way to multiply your time (if applicable to the participants)

NOTE: Our training philosophy is to use a practical, hands - on approach. All participants complete a “Time Saving Action Plan” which focuses the individual to actually make some changes in their work patterns.

Comprehensive training notes are supplied


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