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dreamstime_xs_26495165HandheldGet better at persuading others to accept your product, service, or ideas. This involves building relationships with them, understanding their needs, prescribing the best solution for them, and handling objections successfully.
Many sales people have never been trained - they are making it up as they go along. But selling is a science, and a skill that can be learned. Learning to follow a structured process, using known techniques, will increase your success rate as well as enjoying the sales process more. Even if you're not a sales person you are still selling every day.

Module Aim
The aim of this module is to help participants gain a better understanding of the core principals of selling their products /services using the telephone.

Module Objective

On completion of this Training Module trainees will be able to: -

  • Participants will learn techniques and strategies to plan out and conduct successful prospecting calls
  • They will develop skills for handling obstacles and objections & fine tune communication and rapport building skills
  • This programme will enable participants to become confident in their ability to make outbound calls & manage nerves and anxiety.

 Subject areas covered include:
· Why people buy
· The role of customer care and relationships in selling
· Rapport and building trust
· Getting appointments
· Preparation
· Different styles for different types of customer
· Questioning techniques - what will make them buy?
· Disturbing the customer
· Communication skills
· Overcoming objections
· The feel/felt/found technique and others
· Difficult customers and how to handle them
· Body language and buying signals
· Closing
· Efficient personal systems and the importance of keeping records
· Keeping the next action with you
· Getting referrals


NOTE: Our training philosophy is to use practical, hands - on approach. We use a voice taping system for the purpose of role-play, analysis and improving techniques.


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