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Retail Sales

dreamstime_xs_23950366HandheldQuite often there is a genuine lack of interest, drive, understanding and knowledge in retail outlets from the most important people, the staff. This programme has been designed with this in mind and can be delivered to all staff, with a view to increasing business. This programme concentrates on a number of areas including the use of the telephone, dealing with people and selling more products. If implemented properly, this will mean more money for the retail outlet but also more money for the employee.

Module Aim
On completion of this programme, trainees will understand the importance of increasing retail sales, and will have the skill to improve the ratio of customers to sales made through cross selling, up selling and improved customer service skills.

Module Objective
On completion of this Training Module trainees will be able to: -

  • Understand the principals of retail sales
  • Be pro-acative about selling to customers
  • Up sell and cross sell products to customers
  • Develop a strategy for creating a database of customers that they can pro actively call for future sales
  • Understand and demonstrate the skills necessary to communicate more effectively with potential customers
  • Understand the importance of excellent

Subject areas covered include:

  • Why people buy
  • The role of customer care and relationships in selling
  • Product Knowledge
  • Different styles for different types of customer
  • Questioning techniques - what will make them buy?
  • Using the telephone (when customers ring in)
  • Telesales & database management
  • Communication skills
  • Cross Selling
  • Up Selling
  • Difficult customers and how to handle them
  • Body language and buying signals
  • Closing sales

This is a very interactive training programme with an emphasis on practical demonstrations, interaction and involvement. Participants will be video recorded on a regular basis for to help them develop their selling skills and identify areas for improvement.


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