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Presentations are becoming more frequent and more creative in every day business. Many sales of products, services, ideas or concepts can be attributed to the way that they are presented. Advantage Communications have designed a programme that will help to improve and perfect the presentation skills of participants.

Module Aim
The aim of this module is to help participants gain a better understanding of the core principals of designing, and delivering quality presentations

Module Objective
On completion of this Training Module trainees will be able to: -

  • Understand the way in which to present themselves to create a positive impact
  • Learn how to use professional communication skills to deliver a message confidently
  • Have developed a presentation style which reflects their personality and combines this with the highest level of professionalism

Subject areas covered Include:

The Material: The Presenter: The Audience:
  • Establishing a clear purpose.
  • Using successful information gathering techniques.
  • Choosing the best route through your material.
  • Identifying the key points.
  • Creating strong openings and closings.
  • Knowing the pros and cons of different visual aids.
  • Making it big, bold and brilliant.
  • Carrying out the 'essential checks'.
  • Presenting the 'right' image.
  • Using your words, tone and body language.
  • Working with the qualities of your voice.
  • Acknowledging and overcoming nerves.
  • Using relaxation techniques.
  • Using mannerisms and gestures to enhance impact.
  • Knowing your audience to develop presentations that appeal.
  • Building rapport.
  • Getting and keeping them on your side.
  • Working with questions.
  • Handling difficult people.
  • Understanding group dynamics.


Participants will have the opportunity to prepare and make a presentation which will be video taped and assessed on the day. During the session, participants will be requested to use visual aids and props as deemed appropriate, to enhance their presentation. Apart from the formal presentation, the assessors will enter isnto a lively dialogue with the participants making it as realistic as possible.

Comprehensive training notes are supplied


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