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 dreamstime_xs_22664744HandheldInterview Skills & CV Preparation (Open Programme For Candidates)

Interviewing Skills & CV Preparation is aimed towards candidates seeking to enhance their Curriculum Vitae and Interviewing Skills. This is a very practical and hands on training day where you will get honest feedback on your CV, and learn ways to improve your performance at interviews. CV's can be screened very quickly by employers, with perhaps each CV being reviewed for no more than 20 seconds. In that short space of time your CV has to make a strong impression in order to reach interview stage. We also look at Communication Skills, and the vital role they play in securing employment.

The programme will then examine the ways that you personally can maximise your chances of succeeding at interview, how to prepare adequately and how to present yourself. We will also look ath emore common styles of interviews, how they are structured and what you can expect. We will also examine 70 of the most common questions that are asked at interview, and how they are best answered.

Interview Skills & Curriculum Vitae Course Programme CV's & Cover Letters
• How To Create A Professional Curriculum Vitae
• Tailoring a CV For Jobs
• Writing Cover Letters
• Online Applications
• When Is It Too Much / Too Little Information
• Following Up Applications
• Using The Telephone

dreamstimeweb_84496smallInterview Preparation & Conduct  
• Communication Skills (Verbal And Body Language)
• Examining Bad Habits
• Adequate Preparation
• Most Common Interview Structures Used
• How To Answer Questions
• Evaluation Of Over 70 Most Used Interview Questions
• How Impressions Are Made (Good & Bad)
• Selling Yourself
• Closing An Interview
• Follow Up




These programmes are presented by Ivan Agar. Ivan hold an honours Masters Degree in Human Resource Strategies. Ivan has worked in the area of recruitment and training for over 20 years. He sits in as an external interviewer with many companies. Ivan has also managed recruitment agencies in a previous career.


Recently, he produced and hosted a radio programme for Dublin City FM called 'Getting Work'. This is being nominated by the station for the 2010 PPI awards.

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