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Customer Service

dreamstime_xs_15592040HandheldRealise that customer care is vital to the success of your organisation. Get ideas on measuring current performance and building in systems for continuous improvement. Perceived indifference is the biggest reason why customers are lost - and they cost ten times as much to replace as they do to retain. How do your customer rate your customer care?? Subjects range from the basics (getting their name right, phoning back when you say you will, smiling etc) to the idea of "delighting the customer" by going the extra mile for them.

Module Aim

The aim of this module is to help participants gain a better understanding of the core principals of delivering quality customer care

Module Objective
On completion of this Training Module trainees will be able to: -

  • Understand the principles for delivering customer care
  • Understand the importance of communication skills
  • Handle difficult and irate customers in an effective manner
  • Deliver more effective customer service to their customers
  • Realise that customers are the reason for their work, not an interruption of it

Subject areas covered include:
· How customers assess you
· Qualities of effective customer care
· Attention to detail - getting the basics right
· Communication skills
· Keeping ahead of your competitors
· Delighting the customer
· The cost of poor customer care
· Telephone techniques
· Handling complaints, angry or difficult customers/ customer feedback

This training can be adapted further to your workplace, and would also include training in Communication Skills. The emphasis is on remembering that the customer is not an interruption of work, rather they are the purpose of it.

Comprehensive training notes are supplied


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